High Quality Blonde Hair Wig Sale for Cheap


And good Blonde Hair Wig days are much easier to achieve when you purchase a ladies wig, with a gorgeous range of salon worthy styles ready to wear straight from the box. Many women experiment with different cuts, textures and colours as wearing wigs just makes it so easy to change your style quickly and easy for a total transformation! This blog post explores how long wigs usually last and how many wigs do you really need to make your favourite styles look gorgeous for as long as possible.

What your wig is made from is a big factor in how long it will last. Providing they are cared for properly and are not exposed to harsh daily wear, human hair wigs can stay in good condition for a over a year. Synthetic wigs usually start to look tired after about four to six months. This though can vary as it is completely dependant upon how you look after them, how often you wear them and in what environment you are in. Human hair wigs are considered an investment piece and although they are often more expensive than synthetic wigs, they may have a longer lifespan and the quality is just beautiful. Again, it is all about how you take care of your wig.

Synthetic wigs are made from fibres which are vulnerable to heat exposure which means any contact with heated rollers, straighteners, hairdryers or even ovens will destroy the quality and lifespan of your synthetic cheap wigs (but this does mean you have an excuse to get out of cooking duties)! If you do opt for a synthetic style, shorter cropped wigs tend to last longer than synthetic wigs with more volume and length. That’s because the long fibres are at risk of becoming matted and tangled more frequently due to ‘friction rub’, exposing the wig to more damage over a shorter period of time. Read Lila’s excellent article on Collar Rub.

Although Blonde Hair Wig sale type is a huge factor in the longevity of your wigs, how you care for it, the environment you wear it in and how often you wear it all contribute to its lifespan. So providing you give it the love it deserves, your wig will stay gorgeous for longer and you can have a good hair day every single day of the week!

There is no right or wrong answer to this question and it really does depend on your lifestyle. Having two or three high quality ladies wigs in your wardrobe is a great way to start your collection as these can be alternated depending on what you are doing that particular day – it also means all your wigs will have a longer lifespan as they are not being worn all day every day.

You can save your favourite wigs for special occasions (or just when you want to feel a bit more glam) and find an ‘everyday’ style that compliments your features. Many women like to choose a wig that is very similar to their own cut and colour so they feel comfortable in a style which is natural for them.

If you are nervous about choosing the right style, Lizzie opens up about her experiences of changing her wig style with confidence and the team at Simply Wigs are always on hand for advice about colours and cap constructions.

If you would like a little more information, a customer compares human hair wigs with synthetic wigs in a recent blog post and shares their experiences with both wig types and the pros and cons of each.

Please get in touch if you have any questions, we love a natter with our wig wearers and want to help you in every step of your wig wearing journey. As always, love to hear about your ideas and comments. So, please leave them below so all of us in the cheap Blonde Hair Wig Wigs ‘Whispers’ community can share your thoughts.