Blue Lace Front Wig Sale for Cheap


We are delighted to have added two more of the Blue Lace Front Wig, wigs to our portfolio. This fabulous range is made from Flexi Fibre, which means that you can heat to style. Here at Simply Wigs
HQ we love the Flexi Fibre as it is so very soft. This collection just looks like human hair, moves like human hair and feels like human hair. Just gorgeous!

This popular cropped look is timeless and one of the office favourites’

Use a brush/comb with metal prongs as plastic ones will cause static Blue Lace Front Wig sale.

You can not colour or bleach Flexi Fibre.

If you are wearing your Sentoo Premium Plus daily, make sure that you wash every week.

Flexi Blue Lace Front Wig outlet does not last as long as human hair wigs.

Please note:If using straightening irons on a wig sale, temperature controlled irons are a must and cannot exceed 140 degrees. Please note at 140 degrees the Flexi-Fibre will stay straight and no re-styling can be done. Any heat up to 120 degrees on the Flexi-Fibre can possibly be re-styled.