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Having Natural Half Wigs can take many forms and not one form of hairloss, is more important than another. Our philosophy here at Simply Wigs is that each individual with any form of hairloss, should be treated with exactly the same care and understanding. Hairloss can effect our confidence on many levels, and we are delighted that Jon Renau share the same principles, as Simply Wigs.

Here at Simply Wigs, we love Jon Renau. There are several reasons why we are proud supplier of this brand, but the main reason is that they really do seem to understand our community.

Here at Natural Half Wigs outlet, we will always give you our honest and researched opinion. Hair enhancers can be a fabulous solution for thinning hair, but we would like to make you aware that depending on the type of hair loss you have and as enhancers attach via pressure clips, there is always the chance that the pressure clips may pull at your own hair and cause further traction. It is then your decision, as part of your hair loss journey, if this is a risk that is worth taking.

I am so excited that Simply Wigs is now selling a range of toppers or hair enhancers. I have been wearing one for 2 years and they have enhanced my life.

I suffer from age related hairloss. I tried wigs but they were never satisfactory. Then i found toppers and have never looked back. Everyone says i look 20 years younger but they don’t know why! My only problem was finding them online. I always get a long one and then get it cut by my hairdresser into a long bob, my original style. Up until now no wig company had more than one topper and my problem was that if there was a kink in the hair it never cut into a proper bob so I wasted a few ( coukdn’t send them back once they’d been cut) Now that Simply Wigs have such a variety I am positive I’ll find a good one.

I might add that i am i mpressed that Natural Half Wigs sale mention about the fact that as the topper is fixed to your own hair it does cause breakage. No other company, including a hairloss specialist warned me of this. In fact as i wear mine all day every day this is not a problem but for someone who only intends wearing one occasionally it would be as it makes your own hair look even thinner. Well done Simply Wigs for pointing this out.

I look forward to really studying the new range and deciding which to try, just wish simply Wigs was not so far away so I could try them on but at least you have a choice. Well done Simply Wigs. I am sure you will get many new customers who will become as excited as I am about their wonderful new look.