Ombre Blonde Wig Cheap for Sale


We are delighted to say that our recent Open Days, here at the Ombre Blonde Wig Shop, were a fabulous success. So much so that we are ready for our next one!

We are incredibly excited to have partnered up with the fabulous Jon Renau, to showcase every one of their wigs, from the below collections, including the new wigs from the 2018 Fall collection.

The Jon Renau brand is renowned for their fabulous styles & outstanding quality. cheap Ombre Blonde Wig are delighted & honoured to exclusively have on display over 100 of their wigs. From the exquisite Elizabeth wig to the sensational Zara, simply register your interest and then come and join us for a day of fun and friendship.

I understand that you don’t want people to take photos of other customers and I am in complete agreement with the decision. However, I am completely unable to see myself in a mirror with a wig on. I just scream inside!!! But when I see myself in a photo I can get a perspective and its totally different. I would be making a round trip of 130 miles. There is no point if I can’t compare photos of myself. I can’t remember what a wig looks like because I can’t even perceive myself in the mirror. When I look at a series of photos I can make a rational decision. I hope you will find a way to allow self photos. Please respond.

I believe that you have spoken to a member of our team with regards to your request, and I am sadly going to reiterate what was discussed on the telephone.
Our decision not to allow any photographs within our Open Days, has not been taken lightly. It has been made after requests from our customers, and as we have several individuals who would feel vulnerable if any photographs were taken, we have decided for the privacy of all of our customers, that this is also relevant to personal, individual photographs.
Rather than driving the 130 miles to visit ourselves, is there a shop more local to yourself that you can perhaps visit? We would love to have you visit us here at Ombre Blonde Wig sale, but if you are wishing to take photographs of yourself, then this is something that we can sadly not assist with. Becoming comfortable whilst wearing a wig can be a long journey and we do hope that you become more comfortable in the near future.