Fashion Pink Bob Wigs for Sale


The new styles of Pink Bob Wigs have been available for a couple of weeks now and they are flying off our shelves. I thought I’d write a quick guide of the fabulous new colours which are also available.

Here is a rich, Dark Brown, which is life cleverly lifted with Light Brown highlights around the face and nape area. A really stylish tone.

Here is a Pink Bob Wigs sale, but it is not as warm as the Mocha Brown. This has very fine slivers of Caramel, and then occasional fine flashes of White Blonde.

Hands up if you want to be trendy? This colour is called a ‘Hybrant Underlight’. The undercolour / base is a Dark, Warm Golden Blonde, whilst the top colour is a rich, Medium Dark Brown. Rene of Paris have flipped the colours, to create something fabulous! Has to be seen to fall in love with.

Here is soft, warm Blonde base with a slight Ash overtone. There are Darker & Golden Blondes tones throughout, aswell as a Darker Root. Darker towards the nape on the shorter styles. I would not say there was any Rose or Strawberry tone in this colour. What do you think?

The ever so popular Creamy Toffee has been given an upgrade with a LR. This creates a fabulous ombre colour that just looks gorgeous. A Medium Warm Blonde base (the base is actually Spring Honey) with Light Gold Blonde Highlights. The ‘LR’ Colour means that it will have longer roots than the normal Rooted colours. LR is a posh term for Ombre!

Wow. Wow. Wow. I am loving this cheap Pink Bob Wigs shade. A beautiful Pastel Blue colour, with tiny highlights of White/Silver and a Dark Blue/Purple root. Rene of Paris have stepped up their colours big time!